innovative. functional. elegant.

In ancient mythology, the East Wind brought the blessed rain to grain the fields. Today our new EURUS treatment unit brings reliable Japanese quality to Germany and into the world.

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solid. functional. reliable.

A proven generation and the classic among our treatment units. CLESTA II is your loyal companion. You can trust blindly. A life long.

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Dentale Behandlungseinheiten

Qualität aus Japan

Our incentive is healthier work for you, for dentists and assistants. Our reasons for this are extensive research, including that 86.7% of all dentists and assistants suffer from back problems. Therefore, all of our products are designed to be ergonomic and efficient in terms of time, space and energy. The advantage: fewer commutes and an intuitive interaction between you and your treatment unit. You can concentrate fully on the essentials.





made by hand 
made with mind 
made in Japan

Every treatment unit and every product is still poured, machined and assembled by hand. Old knowledge is passed on, refined, optimized and supplemented with new technologies. We owe the high quality of our products to precisely this craftsmanship in our factories. Today the 3rd generation of the founding family Takara Belmont is already in charge and preserves the traditional values ​​- including our people-oriented culture. An inner stability that is reflected in the stability of our products.


At Takara Belmont we have been producing products for healthier working spaces and more beauty at work for 100 years now. As a grown family business with traditional Japanese values, we are now active worldwide.

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From now on we will also inform you digitally about new Belmont Dental products, news from the dental industry and upcoming events where we can meet. Do you want to share your experiences with others? We like to include thematically appropriate topics in our news.

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Surburb. Frankfurt. Germany.