Clesta II

CLESTA II is our classic among our treatment units. A combination of high functionality, treatment comfort and exceptional durability. An innovative technology that you can trust blindly. Solid steel and perfect ergonomics with individual freedom of treatment and a loyal companion in your everyday work. CLESTA II, the proven generation.

Whether with standing or lying instruments or with a swing arm – you decide.

Clesta ii side pos-cusp
Adjustable chair position
 Adjustable chair position
Integrated cuspidor
Operating table
Assistant console
 Foot control
Electric control panel (E-type)
Electric control panel (E-type)
Air control panel (A-Type)

Qualities of the CLESTA II Holder

Dentist element
  • Swivel arm with air brake and large storage table
  • Holder strip for 5 instruments
  • Flush out system
  • Oil collecting tank for turbine
  • Membrane keyboard for chair, unit and instruments
  • Show display for speed and other controls
  • Lighting electronics
  • Foot control SE
  • Programmable for 4 practitioners
  • 4 programmable chair positions
Patient chair
  • Patient coach with 2 work programs, entry and exit position, rinsing position (LP) with memory
  • Electro-hydraulic drive with synchronous movement
  • Two-joint headrest
  • Left armrest
  • Seamless upholstery
  • Junction box in the chair base
  • Narrow baseplate
  • Transformer 24V / 15A.
  • Mounted on the floor with swiveling, removable glass bowl
  • Hot water tumbler filler
  • Membrane keyboard for sink, water glass filler and chair operation
  • Small and large suction cup with ball joint from Dürr
  • Assistant console
  • Easily removable suction hoses
  • Junction box in the cuspidor base
  • Transformer 24 V / 15 A.

Our solid CLESTA II treatment unit is extremely functional. Whether you work with two or four hands, the CLESTA II offers you everything you need. Ergonomics and hygienic aspects are perfectly thought out so that you can devote yourself fully to your patient. You can expand your treatment center for your purposes with additional options.

Specific qualities of CLESTA II Holder

  • Double joint headrest
  • Fold-out armrest
  • 8-way foot control
  • Turbine oil mist collector
  • Easily removable porcelain bowl with 180° rotation
  • Assistant console including chair control
  • Easily removable suction hoses
  • Automatic bowl rinsing and cup filler
  • Bottle system option
  • Multimedia system that can be retrofitted

We offer you many options and the right variant for everyone. You choose your patient chairs and your doctor elements to suit the needs of your practice team. Equip your treatment center with the OR light 300 LED or the OR light 900 LED. You have the freedom of choice when using all functions in a solid, functional treatment unit. Would you like the CLESTA II with our luxury upholstery? That is also possible.

Standing instruments (Holder)
Standing instruments (Holder)
Lying instruments (Place)
Lying instruments (Place)
 Swing arm (Rod)
Swing arm (Rod)
 Image view in panorama size
 Flat screen holder (without screen)
Rachet gear type assistant holder arm
Flash Out Tray
 Cuspidor blue
 Cuspidor rose
 Cuspidor green
 Cuspidor transparent
 Cuspidor wight
320 led unit-mounted
920 led unit-mounted
Clair luxury upholstery
EURUS seamless upholstery
EURUS standard upholstery
EURUSlLuxury upholstery

Choose your individual color for your CLESTA II treatment center. Match the color of the artificial leather to the interior of your practice so that your patients will be happy to sit down. Whether you prefer it clinically cool, warm like summer or earthy autumnal, the decision is yours.

Would you like a little more luxury? Then treat your patients to increased comfort with the seam padding. All that remains is to add your work chairs for yourself and for your assistant in a matching color - for your practice in a homogeneous style.

Color variations for standard and soft type

Coral Pink ES20
Light Pink ES30
Beige ES21
Camel ES14
Bordeaux ES12
Black ES08
Mint Blue ES05
Indigo Blue ES25
Light Blue ES16
Purple ES26
Light Grey ES33
Gray Teal ES28
Rose ES34
Mauve ES27
Forest ES31
Aldo Blue ES23
Ash Grey ES32
Chocolate ES11
Scarlet Red ES24
Mandarin Orange ES22
Lemon Yellow ES02
Yellow Green ES18
Sky Blue ES07
Blue ES29

Color variation for seam upholstery luxury

Dark Blue SH9
Black SH1
Maroon SH7
England Green SH18
Orange SH22
Camel SH10
Mustard Yellow SH6
Ivory SH15

We would be happy to present all the functions of the CLESTA II treatment units to you in our showroom. Here you will also find our binding types and colors of upholstery. Please make an appointment. Do you have any questions in advance?

Then give us a call or email us. We are here for you!