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100 Years Takara Belmont

Takara Belmont, our mother in Japan, is celebrating the 100th anniversary this year! A reason to be proud Under the motto: "Rise into beauty, Walk into life." Takara Belmont planned worldwide actions. But then Corona came ... Celebrating an anniversary during a pandemic was not part of our planning. Like so many other things, our events are also canceled. And there is a lot of floating in the current uncertainty.

The beautiful action in Japan, however, survived: 100 interviews for 100 years. Here in Germany we are postponing our planned big party at the IDS. If the id Infotage Dental takes place in Frankfurt on November 5th / 6th, 2021, we will be there - this decision is safe. With or without a mask, the champagne is then chilled!

Nevertheless, we were not inactive in Germany. We directed our focus to our digital visual appearance. Clearly structured and user-friendly - like our products - we are proud to present you at least one added value in our anniversary year!

New webpage for Belmont Dental

It took a long time. The reasons were varied, but for the anniversary year we finally updated our digital presence. But what takes a long time will finally be great! Our proven reliability has now also arrived in the digital world! Whether computer, tablet or mobile, you can now fully and clearly access our content - including our EURUS treatment unit - anywhere.

Contemporary and innovative, the current look is clean and user-friendly, like our products. A figurehead that underlines once again that things are always going on within our company. Compact information about the current product portfolio, the history of the traditional Japanese company, insights into production as well as our showroom in Frankfurt appeal to interested parties and customers alike. The intuitive navigation, generous images ensure a fresh and modern appearance. Each product is broken down by product type, which is followed by a complete, individual description. Here you will find the models with detailed photos, planning certainties, options and of course our current colors for the appropriate selection of the type of upholstery. One click, and you will see the product in the selected color!

All sales brochures, manuals and technical documents can be found in the “Download” menu item, neatly sorted by product - including older products, by the way.

A super nice new appearance, which was praised by our customers in the first few days. However, this new digital presence will not prevent us from continuing to be available to you in our showroom in Frankfurt am Main for questions and explanations. Here you can experience every product in real life.

We say thanks to the design team of the agency designkunst, from Dr. Sybs Bauer from Hamburg. Great job!

EURUS - God of the east winds

At the International Dental Show 2019 in Cologne, we presented our new EURUS treatment unit for the first time. Brexit and Corona delayed the digital presentation, but now you can find out about the advantages and details of EURUS in advance on our website!

The EURUS treatment unit offers the highest quality with exceptional ease of use for everyone involved, paired with an innovative, elegant design. Improvements have been made on almost every point. The efficiency in the treatment processes is increased, an even better hygiene option and perfect ergonomics, to name just a few - only the outstanding reliability is the old one.

Are you wondering about the name? Eurus is the god of the east wind who brought the blessed rain to cornfields in ancient mythology. And with EURUS we bring our reliable products in a functional elegance from the east to dentists, assistants and patients in Europe in the west.

You can find more information under EURUS or you visit our showroom in Frankfurt / Main.

Obituary IDS Fair 2019

The tenor on the part of the dealers and trade fair guests was unanimous: The wait for the long-awaited new EURUS treatment unit from Takara Belmont was more than worth it. The world premiere of our new development at IDS 2019 not only caused an unbelievable rush of visitors to our traditional exhibition stand, but also brought numerous orders to our competent team on site. Simply terrific!

The design of the patient chair shows that special emphasis was placed on taking the needs of the practitioner and patient into account in the new development of EURUS: The hydraulic mechanism ensures smooth and quiet movement and can withstand loads of up to 200 kg. The articulated chair variant available also simplifies getting in and out of the car for children as well as the elderly or people with restricted mobility. At the same time, the new type of double-axis headrest system with its fine-tuning adapts to all patients from small to large, or you can immediately choose the electro-hydraulic version. Thanks to the flexible arm, the dentist element can be moved with 50 percent less effort compared to the previous model.

The new swing arm system from Belmont Dental also reduces the strain on the wrists of the dentist or assistant.

Another special feature is the place-shelf with horizontal instruments, and the control panel of the unit in the form of an innovative and extremely easy-to-use touch panel provides an even better overview of the workflow.

The elegant look of the EURUS can be customized with different artificial leather colors. A sensible selection of patient chairs, cuspidors and doctor elements will also meet the needs of every practice team. Efficient treatment processes, contemporary comfort and innovative, elegant design paired with outstanding reliability - our EURUS treatment unit combines all of this with the highest quality standards.

The almost euphoric reactions to the EURUS make one thing clear: Customers can't help but opt ​​for our treatment unit, which is wonderfully easy to use in all situations.

At this point we would like to thank our international trade fair team with employees from Germany, England, France and Japan for their great commitment. We are already looking forward to the next IDS - because then we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of our traditional Japanese company Takara Belmont together.

Innovative touch display

With the well-known and proven PHOT-XIIs, the global player Takara Belmont owns a flexible intraoral X-Ray device that, thanks to a focal point that is only 0.4 millimeters small, delivers razor-sharp diagnostic images and at the same time minimizes the patient's radiation exposure.

The small, compact and ergonomically shaped tube head is particularly light and can be positioned reliably thanks to the flexible scissor arm. What is new is a state-of-the-art and almost unique operating concept. It promises a particularly high level of efficiency through simple touchscreen operation: the high-quality LCD control module enables the operator to control all aspects intuitively with a simple touch. Self-explanatory, you can choose between kV, mA, patient type, tooth type, cone type, film sensitivity and exposure time settings as well as a digital / film mode. Automatic and manual modes allow an optimal selection of the parameters for each patient and tooth type - whether adults, adolescents or children.

The LCD view on the touch-sensitive control panel can be customized according to the user's preferences. In the service of patient safety, the PHOT-XIIs helps to monitor the estimated radiation dose with absolutely safe operation and simplifies the subsequent documentation.

The clear imaging and ease of use make the PHOT-XIIs an integral part of the digital workflow of every dental practice.

Regional and global

As early as 1969, the Takara Company Europe GmbH established its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main in order to look after the specialist dealers in Germany and all of Europe from this central point. In addition to a comprehensive equipment exhibition, all support is handled from here. Around 25,000 spare parts and numerous devices are stored in the central spare parts warehouse in Hessen on a total area of ​​600 square meters.

Quickly with the customer

"Spare parts for a Japanese treatment unit do not have to be transported halfway around the world", assures Andreas Wilpert, Sales and Marketing Manager Belmont Dental at Takara Company Europe GmbH. "The spare part is usually with the customer within just one or two days." or regional sales partners come to the warehouse in person to pick up the spare parts. Belmont Dental can therefore not only convince with the quality of its treatment units and devices, but also with its customer service – true to the Belmont motto "The focus of our actions is always on the customer".

Central location

The warehouse consists of a spare parts warehouse or small parts warehouse and an outdoor warehouse. The spare parts warehouse extends over around 120 square meters with a shelf area of ​​276 running meters. With the free warehouse, there is another 400 square meters of space. There are currently 230 devices, 70 of which are complete treatment units, 60 individual chairs, 30 X-Ray devices and 70 lamps. “With the location of the warehouse in Frankfurt am Main, we are relatively central both in Germany and in Europe. That is why we not only supply our German customers from here, but 13 other European countries,” says Andreas Wilpert. After all, the company sends around 1,500 packages and parcels every year.

Always in stock

In the central spare parts warehouse, the statistically most important parts (Top 100), which are more maintenance-intensive or have to be replaced after a few years, are always in stock for maintenance. A total of around 25,000 parts and 1,900 different articles are stored in Frankfurt am Main. Even for the treatment units Clesta I (1991–1998) and Progia (1998–2001) as well as the X-ray machine Searcher 70 (1998–2003), some of which are 15 years old, there are still spare parts. "Even if parts have to be replaced that rarely break and that we therefore do not always have in stock, we will find a solution," promises sales manager Andreas Wilpert.

It's worth stopping by

In addition to the classic warehouse, there is also an upholstery service in Frankfurt am Main. So if upholstery should tear or new covers are needed, they can be replaced or repaired in the shortest possible time. There is also a Belmont showroom in the building. Interested customers can take a close look at the devices here and get advice: “I am happy to invite anyone interested to visit us in Frankfurt and take a look at the premises. There is a lot to discover there. Dentists who have already used this opportunity were always pleasantly surprised - also by the size of our warehouse,” Andreas Wilpert sums up. There are 230 devices in the outdoor warehouse, 70 of which are complete treatment units, 60 individual chairs, 30 X-Ray machines and 70 lamps. Belmont Dental supplies customers in Germany and 13 other European countries from here