Dental stool

The newly developed EURUS stool fits perfectly with the EURUS treatment unit. The height and inclination of the seat and the backrest can be adjusted. With the low starting height, the chair meets the requirements of different treatment styles. Thanks to the shell-shaped design of the seat and backrest, the chair is perfect for long-term treatments.

You can choose between seamless and luxury types with seams as upholstery.

 EURUS doctor's stool in motion
EURUS doctor's stool back
 EURUS doctor's stool on the side
 Demonstration of the spine
EURUS Arztstuhl
EURUS doctor's stool back

Qualities of the Eurus Stool

  • Height, incline and backrest adjustable
  • Low starting height suitable for different treatment styles
  • The shell-shaped design of the seat and backrest is perfect for long-term treatments
  • Upholstery in seamless or luxury type with seam

Do you want to know your new seat dimensions? Here you will find the technical information on the EURUS Stool with its versatile flexibility.

Specific qualities of the EURUS Stool

  • Height adjustment from 440 mm to 595 mm
  • Weight: 12 kg

Match the color of your stools to your EURUS treatment unit and create a harmonious interior in your surgery so that your patients will be happy to sit down. Whether you prefer it clinically cool, warm like summer or earthy autumnal, the decision is yours.

It couldn't be more elegant.

Standard color variations

Coral Pink ES20
Light Pink ES30
Beige ES21
Camel ES14
Bordeaux ES12
Black ES08
Mint Blue ES05
Indigo Blue ES25
Light Blue ES16
Purple ES26
Light Grey ES33
Gray Teal ES28
Rose ES34
Mauve ES27
Forest ES31
Aldo Blue ES23
Ash Grey ES32
Chocolate ES11
Scarlet Red ES24
Mandarin Orange ES22
Lemon Yellow ES02
Yellow Green ES18
Sky Blue ES07
Blue ES29

Blue ES29 Color variation for seam upholstery luxury

Dark Blue SH9
Black SH1
Maroon SH7
England Green SH18
Orange SH22
Camel SH10
Mustard Yellow SH6
Ivory SH15

Would you like to sit on the EURUS Stool yourself? Then visit us in our showroom in Frankfurt. Here you will also find our binding types and colors of upholstery. Please make an appointment.

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