Patient chairs

In addition to its well-known reliability, the SWIVEL articulated and swivel chair offers the highest level of comfort for your patients - regardless of their size. The ergonomic design makes sitting down and standing up wonderfully easy for children, the elderly and even for patients with limited mobility. Whether from the front or the side - both are possible thanks to the intelligent 180 degree rotating mechanism. With this patient couch you will install confidence in your patients.

Swivel back
EURUS Swivel

Qualities of the SWIVEL articulated and swivel chair

  • 2 work programs, entry and exit position, flushing position (LP) with memory
  • Electro-hydraulic drive with synchronous movement
  • 180 degree rotating mechanism
  • Electro-hydraulically adjustable headrest
  • Foot control switch in the chair base
  • Left and right armrests
  • Seamless upholstery

So that you can plan your practice in advance, you will find the dimensions of our SWIVEL articulated and swivel chair here.

Specific qualities of the SWIVEL articulated and swivel chair

  • Entry seat height: 480 mm
  • Seat height adjustment: 245 mm
  • Back length adjustment: 0˚ to 80˚
  • Maximum patient weight: up to 165 kg
  • Electro-hydraulically extendable footrest
  • Armrest can be rotated to the right and left
  • Purge position (LP) with memory

Choose your individual color for your SWIVEL articulated and swivel chair. Match the color of the artificial leather to the interior of your practice so that your patients will be happy to sit down. Whether you prefer it clinically cool, warm like summer or earthy autumnal, the decision is yours.

Would you like a little more luxury? Then treat yourself to a matching color work chair for yourself and your assistant. A color consistency is trust-building.

Color variations for standard and soft type

Coral Pink ES20
Light Pink ES30
Beige ES21
Camel ES14
Bordeaux ES12
Black ES08
Mint Blue ES05
Indigo Blue ES25
Light Blue ES16
Purple ES26
Light Grey ES33
Gray Teal ES28
Rose ES34
Mauve ES27
Forest ES31
Aldo Blue ES23
Ash Grey ES32
Chocolate ES11
Scarlet Red ES24
Mandarin Orange ES22
Lemon Yellow ES02
Yellow Green ES18
Sky Blue ES07
Blue ES29

Color variation for seam upholstery luxury

Dark Blue SH9
Black SH1
Maroon SH7
England Green SH18
Orange SH22
Camel SH10
Mustard Yellow SH6
Ivory SH15

We are happy to present all functions of the SWIVEL articulated and swivel chair in our showroom. Here you will also find our binding types and colors of upholstery. Please make an appointment.

Do you have any questions in advance? Then give us a call or mail us. We are here for you!